Review: The Nine

Fantasy offers us a variety of takes on religion. From Martin's Sparrows to Pratchett's Omnians, religion add flavor and plausibility to a secondary world. It is a part of the human condition, and good fantasy treats it with same complexity as any other aspect of humanity. The worldbuilding that I appreciate does not pose faith … Continue reading Review: The Nine


Review: Noumenon

Sometimes, a book or song or movie will come along at just the right time and strike a resounding chord. Noumenon hit that sweet spot for me. On my blog, I’ve been thinking about generation ships. Suddenly, the stars aligned, and Harper Voyager gave me the opportunity to review Noumenon. It was SF love at … Continue reading Review: Noumenon

You Know What They Say About Assumptions – Generation Ships

Generation ships are important to science fiction for the fact that these giant vessels are sent out on a one way voyage into the unknown. The following article is part of a series exploring creative ways to make generation ships viable. Part one was an overall introduction to this series. But before we jump right … Continue reading You Know What They Say About Assumptions – Generation Ships