2017 in Retrospect

2017, on a personal level, has been a good but busy year. On a national level, it’s been a disaster, but there are many people talking about that in a much better way than I. It’s a bit early to do a year in review for me. There is a lot of good things happening … Continue reading 2017 in Retrospect


Reviews: Evolution, Port of Earth, Coyotes

Comics, comics, comics. Thanks to the lovely folks at Image, I got an early look at some upcoming books, and I was impressed. Below are reviews of three issue ones. Evolution No. 1 Publish date: 11/15/17 Writers: James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson Artists: Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd "Human evolution has … Continue reading Reviews: Evolution, Port of Earth, Coyotes

Review: Noumenon

Sometimes, a book or song or movie will come along at just the right time and strike a resounding chord. Noumenon hit that sweet spot for me. On my blog, I’ve been thinking about generation ships. Suddenly, the stars aligned, and Harper Voyager gave me the opportunity to review Noumenon. It was SF love at … Continue reading Review: Noumenon