Commenting Policy

The comments section make blogging a true joy and holy nightmare-filled terror at the same time. To be fair to everyone, PrimmLife has the following policies so that comments follow the spirit of the blog. Note that this is a personal blog, and no one has the right to say anything on it that the owner doesn’t want. will let anyone start up a blog to say whatever they want. So, if your comment gets moderated here, you have literally the entire rest of the internet to make your ideas known.

1.) I reserve the right to edit all comments, and to moderate all comment threads, as I see fit. When edits are made, they will be clearly indicated so as not to misrepresent the original idea.
2.) Personal attacks will not be tolerated; this includes racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, attacks. This also includes personal attacks made with religious and/or anti-religious terms. Stick to the merits of the arguments; leave the commenter alone.
3.) Obvious trolling, advertising, and bot comments will get booted.
4.) Plagiarizing, overuse of others IP, and spinning of quotes is unacceptable. Fair use doctrine is acceptable, but at some point, you aren’t excerpting for critique or to promote but simply stealing.
5.) Excessively off-topic comments will get booted. Try to stick to the subject. At times, debates can drift away from the original point. In this case, ample warning to get back on topic will be given before the thread is shut down.
6.) Being obnoxious walks a tedious line. Depending on my mood and/or the entertainment value of repeated obnoxious posters, the commenter may get a timeout.
7.) I am the sole arbiter of what these rules mean and of what crosses the line. I decide what content is available to view on my site. If this is unacceptable, there are resources for you to make this known everywhere else on the internet. Go there; do that.
8.) Comments do not go into a moderation queue; they are posted immediately. This does not mean that each comment is published for all time. The above criteria still counts, and I will moderate when necessary.
9.) If I feel a particular commenter is getting entirely too close to violating the rules, that commenter will get warned. If behavior continues, then banned.
10.) It is very unlikely that I will delete a comment if it made it through the above filter. If a commenter wishes a past comment deleted, email me with the reason. Only under very special circumstances will deletions of acceptable comments happen. If you change your mind, well, there’s not point in retconning the comment.

I also reserve the right to update this as necessary. The above criteria are minimal and will open the comment section up to the widest possible audience. If I am in error or if you need clarification, please, email me.