How to: NOT stress out about blogging (or at least, try not to)

Good advice:

You know me. I tend to rant a whole lot about blogging. I also tend to stress out about it once in a while. Okay, probably every week, when it’s time for me to really focus and take the time to plan everything out and really take care of my blog. WHY, you ask? It’s supposed to be a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun. I KNOW that – yet I can’t help it. When I love something, I like to shout out loud about it, I’m stupidly passionate about it sometimes, to the point that it makes me feel pressured and stressed out.

SO, friends, if you’re a teensy bit like me and you ever found yourself stressing out about blogging, RAISE YOUR HANDS and join me.

In this endless spiral of thoughts and anxiety that life sometimes brings me, blogging feels just like another thing added to…

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